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The Super Six

tabels et with wine notes and worksheets
Recently I ran a wine tasting as a fundraiser for a group of people. We decided the the aim would be to learn about each varietal, learn a little about how to appraise each wine and to try the wines with food tasters which helped enhanced the taste profile of each wine. I called it the Super Six because the wine is sourced from local supermarkets. I specifically chose for this event the New Wo...
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Wine Snobbery

This is a thing. But not as big a thing as you might think. Firstly, wine people are really into it! We don't think we are better than Gin and Tonic or JD's and Coke drinkers. Personally, gin makes me cry, beer is bloating, and early forages into drinking Rum and Coke completely lacked moderation, ditto tequila. Hmmm not that early wine sipping was always moderate. Each to their own, I sa...
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