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Italian Wine Tasting

italian wines
Last night I hosted a restaurant-based event we called A Tour of Italy. The concept was that we would learn how to evaluate samples of wines that were made of a specific well known Italian grape. It was huge fun. We started with a lovely Astoria Prosecco which not only came in a beautiful bottle but a a delightful starter drink. I then talked briefly about the Pinot grigio we tasted as most New Ze...
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Does the quality of the grape connect to great taste?

This question turned up on the back of a questionnaire I do to gauge what people already like and where their tastes are. It piqued my curiosity. Everything grows in the beautiful Bay of Plenty! People are sharing cuttings and fresh garden produce all year long or so it seems to me, so I was not surprised a curious “TasteWine-r” might ask about this. The first step in the winemaking process. The s...
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Wine Tasting Placements

We’ll discuss several ideas on wine tasting parties, but first, let’s get set up with the right tools. Wine placemats help organize the flow of a hosted tasting and will help your friends understand what to do. Download the free placemat. Read more...
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Letter to a young wine taster

Dear Taster, So, you’re off; you’ve begun. You’ve discovered wine’s fascination. You’re thirsty for flavours, knowledge, understanding. I remember the early days well: the intensity of those primeval wine sensations; the excitement of new discoveries; the perplexity of expensive disappointments, and the sense of frustration afterwards. The more you read, the more inadequate you feel; progress, li...
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